Modular Fabrication specializes in both bolted and welded above ground carbon steel tank products such as Clarifiers, Thickeners, Leach, Cyanide, water, Silos and Holding tanks. Bridge Superstructure, Rake Assembly, agitator assembly, Feedwell and Feed System components are also available to complete the project. Tanks can be provided as a welded knocked down (Piece Small) Option, partially fabricated (Piece Large) option or a completely Bolted version with optional partial or full shop trial assembly prior to shipping. A wide variety of coatings are available to meet all our customers specific requirements.

Knocked Down Piece Small Option
Knocked down piece small tanks are supplied as pre-cut and roll formed plate components that are fit and welded in the field. These tanks require the most amount of site work.

Piece Large Option
Piece large tanks are partially fabricated into larger sections which greatly reduce the amount of site work and costs over a knocked down tank but come with some shipping challenges.

Bolted Option
Bolted tanks are provided as modular bolted sections that are quickly erected in the field with a relatively small crew drastically reducing site costs. Bolted tanks are almost completely shop welded and with the trial assembly option eliminates any possibility of misalignment issues on site. Modular has developed methods to reduce distortion during the welding process and to eliminate gaps that can occur between bolted connections which are key to a successful bolted tank.

Modular can provide complete turnkey thickener tanks fabricated in accordance to API650, ASME and CWB. Turnkey tanks can be supplied completely assembled in one piece shipped direct from our facility or we can fully erect the bolted modular sections on our customers jobsite; for more information click here.